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Communication & Outreach for WIPA

March 15, 2010

I just completed a communications workshop lead by Tom Lansner during the MPA workshop week.  Two clear things relevant to WIPA came out of this course. One, the need for a clear, concise, consistent message, and two, a broadening of WIPA to better include the male students in the MPA.

As WIPA has grown over these last few months, we have worked hard to clearly define our message and how we can better serve the MPA community.  Part of this process meanings moving forward, assessing and reevaluating where we stand.  It has become clear that WIPA needs to better define how it serves the entire MPA community, not just the MPA’s female students.

WIPA has strived to define itself as an organization built on community.  Without a strong, supportive network within the MPA and with our partners we will be unable to meet the objectives of our mission statement.  To build this network we need the participation of and sense of purpose for both men and women.

We are excited about the guest speaker event with Ms. Judith Baroody of the US Embassy Paris on March 26th.  This will not only be an excellent learning opportunity but also help to define the service, outreach and means of contributing to WIPA.  Post-March 26th our focus will shift to community outreach initiatives.  This could be in the form of fostering community within the MPA via coffee breakfasts, through service events in the greater Paris community or other activity that takes us out of the academic routine and into a mindset of community and commitment.  We welcome feedback on how this can be accomplished.

In the meantime, please find a WIPA video that I made post-communications workshop.  RSVP for March 26th at

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